Corona deaths in the United States amounted to 50 thousand after the death of 3176 injured within 24 hours

The death toll caused by the new corona virus in the United States nearly 50 thousand Thursday evening, after the epidemic in 24 hours claimed the lives of 3176 people, in a daily record near the record, according to a statistic of Johns Hopkins University. .

Data published at 20:30 local time, the university that is a reference in tracking new infections and deaths caused by the Corona virus, showed that the Covid-19 epidemic has claimed 49,759 lives in the United States to date.

In turn, the total number of clinically confirmed infections in the United States increased to 866,646, after 26,971 tests conducted in the past 24 hours were positive.

The United States, which recorded the first death from the virus at the end of February, is the country most affected by the epidemic, in terms of both deaths and injuries.

But the real number of injured in the United States is likely to be much higher, and the reason for this is the lack of large-scale examinations in the country.

At the end of last week, the United States recorded two record daily death tolls (4,500 and 3,800 deaths), but the reason for this high number was partly due to the addition of deaths previously obtained by the daily death toll due to "likely correlation" with Covid-19.

If these two outcomes are excluded, the death toll recorded on Thursday evening becomes the highest death toll ever recorded by a country in the world.

However, despite these alarming figures, a number of US states, such as Texas, Vermont, and Georgia, decided to start lifting the closure measures imposed to curb the spread of the epidemic, and thus allowed some commercial sectors to return to carry out their work.


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