More than 174,000 deaths of Covid-19 in the world

 The new Corona virus has claimed the lives of at least 174,000 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, according to a toll prepared by Agence France-Presse according to official sources until now. 19.00 GMT from Tuesday evening.

More than 2 million and 525,240 confirmed infections have been diagnosed in 193 countries and regions since the start of the epidemic. This number reflects only a part of the number of those who are physically injured, as tests to detect injuries in a number of countries remain limited to cases requiring hospital care. Among the injured, at least 567,400 people have recovered.

Since the census yesterday at 19:00 GMT, 5,244 new deaths and 68,529 additional injuries worldwide have been recorded.

Countries with the highest number of deaths in 24 hours are the United States (1106), the United Kingdom (828), and Italy (534).

The United States, which recorded the first death at the end of February, is the country most affected by the epidemic, both in terms of the number of deaths and injuries, and the death toll on its territory reached 43,200 cases out of 804,194 cases, while the authorities announced the recovery of 73,533 people.

The most affected countries after the United States are Italy, with 24,648 deaths out of 183957 injuries, then Spain with 21,282 deaths out of 204,178 injuries, France with 20,796 deaths out of 158,050 injuries, and the United Kingdom with 17,337 deaths out of 12,9044 injuries.

Mainland China (excluding Macao and Hong Kong), where the virus first appeared in late December, recorded a total of 82,758 infections (11 new cases between Monday and Tuesday), including 4,632 deaths, while 77,123 people recovered.

The deaths in Europe on Tuesday at 19:00 GMT were 109,381 cases out of a million and 234340 injuries, in the United States and Canada 44,982 deaths (841584 injuries) and in Asia 7191 deaths (174020 injuries) and in the Middle East 5784 deaths (133221 injuries) and in Latin America and the Caribbean 5377 deaths (109739 injuries), in Africa 1195 deaths (24409 injuries), and in Oceania 91 deaths (7927 injuries).

This toll was prepared on the basis of data collected by the offices of Agence France-Presse from the relevant national authorities and WHO information.


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