Health in Gaza: Two new HIV infections were recorded

Gaza’s health spokesman, Ashraf Al-Qedra, announced that two new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in the Gaza Strip, bringing the number to 17 patients who recovered from them 9.
He explained during the press briefing that the Ministry of Health was following 1954 hosts inside 26 quarantine centers in the Gaza Strip, all of them in good health condition After that, it is the quarantine of 74 hosts in Saad Building, Deir Al-Balah, according to the approved preventive measures.

He stressed that health recently received a new shipment of drugs and medical consumables from Ramallah, stressing that the shipment of medicines is not sufficient.
Al-Qaddara demanded more support to tackle the Corona virus.

He called on the ability of all citizens to be responsible in implementing safety and prevention measures to spare the Gaza Strip from the threat of a pandemic by maintaining a stay in homes and when out of necessity must wear masks, wash hands and achieve spacing between people, especially when shopping or receiving services.


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