Erekat: We demand an obligation for Israel to fulfill its entitlements under international law

 Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO Dr. Saeb Erekat confirmed, today, that any upcoming Israeli government coalition that will annex more of occupied Palestinian land will not pose a clear threat to the international system based on the rules of international law only. But it would threaten peace, security and stability in the entire Middle East as well.

Erekat made the comment in response to the signing of the agreement to form the new Israeli government, and said: "The next Israeli government will have two options, either opening horizons for launching a meaningful peace process, and committing to its obligations and entitlements under international law, or working to further endanger peace and continue annexations and looting." Land and expansion of illegal colonial settlement, and other violations of its duties and international law. "

Erekat pointed out that the occupation government refused to implement its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law, even in light of the threat and threat of the spread of the Coruna virus.

He added: "The implementation of the annexation in part, and in full, means the destruction of Israel, any prospects for peace through negotiations between Israel and Palestine, and has also established policies of discrimination, incitement and racism against the one and a half million Palestinians living in Israel."

Erekat explained that the Palestinian leadership is clear about the vision of peace that President Mahmoud Abbas presented to the UN Security Council, and that the international community should shoulder its international responsibility to hold the occupation government accountable, and demand full implementation of its obligations under international law and signed agreements.

He added, "We expect support from the international community to facilitate a meaningful peace process based on international law and relevant United Nations resolutions to achieve internationally agreed peace standards, including the vision of a two-state solution on the 1967 borders, the embodiment of the sovereignty of Palestine and its capital, East Jerusalem, and the provision of a just solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees." According to UN Resolution 194 and the Arab Peace Initiative. "


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