Health: No new injuries in Gaza

The Ministry of Health spokesman in Gaza Ashraf al-Qudra not to record new infections with the Corona virus in Gaza, stressing that the Israeli siege epidemic has killed hundreds of patients and continues to threaten the lives of two million citizens in the Gaza Strip who face the Corona epidemic with severe health and humanitarian conditions.

Al-Qudra said during the press briefing of the Government Information and Information Center that the Ministry of Health and government institutions mourned the need for the Palestinian martyr Nawal Abu Al-Homs from Al-Issawiya due to her infection with the Corona virus, and we mourn the martyrs of this pandemic at home and in the diaspora. The Israeli occupation, and asked the concerned authorities to assume their responsibilities in ending the policy of medical neglect and to provide preventive and treatment measures for them, especially with the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Al-Qedra clarified that the Ministry of Health and government institutions were able, with their limited capabilities, to protect the Gaza Strip from the Corona pandemic, and to review their procedures daily to fortify society.

He continued: "The Ministry of Health and government institutions hosted 3,593 returnees to the Gaza Strip inside 27 quarantine centers since mid-March, of whom 55% were sick, and ended quarantine 1572 hosted according to its approved policy, and health follows 2021 hosts within quarantine centers and all of them are in good health condition, including 290 patients In hospitals and health centers.

Al-Qudra said: "The laboratory tests conducted by the central laboratory for hosts and suspected cases yesterday and up to the moment are negative and no new cases of corona virus were recorded in the Gaza Strip," noting that the remaining four cases of corona virus infections in the isolation hospital at the Rafah crossing are with a reassuring health status, and the cases are reassuring. The nine who recovered were following at the quarantine center at the crossing.

The ability of the international community and its relief institutions held the moral and humanitarian responsibility in supporting the Gaza Strip with medicines, medical consumables, laboratory examination materials, respirators, and intensive care beds.

He said: The Ministry of Health follows up on the commitment of health service providers to wear masks in governmental and non-governmental health facilities, and stresses the commitment of all government employees to wear them.

He added: The Follow-up Committee on Governmental Action decided to obligate all employees of ministries and agencies to wear masks while providing services to the public, noting that the relevant government institutions started a campaign to follow up on the commitment to wear masks in all markets, commercial stores, restaurants, barbershops and service delivery sites to the public and we assure their owners to provide procedures Safety and prevention for its audience.


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