Gaza: quarantine for more returns to the Gaza Strip and no new injuries

The government authorities in the Gaza Strip announced today, Thursday, the stone of more stranded citizens in Egypt, returning through the Rafah crossing, which works for the fourth consecutive day in one direction.

Ashraf Al-Qudra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, explained during the daily briefing that the medical teams followed the health status of all returnees and provided the necessary instructions to them, and worked to transfer them to the stone centers and their number reached 1633 hosted and distributed to 23 centers, while 126 of them were sick To the Turkish Friendship Hospital.

He showed that the central laboratory completed 79 laboratory examinations for its hosts and suspected cases, all of which were negative without any injuries reported.

He pointed out that the four infected cases are reassuring, while the nine recovered will end during the coming period the approved quarantine period.

Al-Qudra affirmed that the blockade imposed on the sector constitutes continuous torture at the health and humanitarian level, which requires all parties to immediately and immediately to end the siege and meet the health and humanitarian needs to confront the Corona virus.

Al-Qudra said: "We suffer from an acute shortage of medicines, medical consumables, laboratory examination materials, respirators, and intensive care beds, which requires all parties to take urgent steps to strengthen the health capabilities of the ministry in the face of this pandemic, which has become a direct threat to the Gaza Strip."

He stressed the need for citizens, government institutions and the local community to comply with the instructions and implement prevention and safety measures.

For his part, Iyad Al-Bazm, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, said that the ministry is following up the implementation of the emergency plan necessary to counter the virus.

He indicated that the ministry has intensified its work on the crossings in recent days, especially the Rafah crossing to enter all stranded people from Egypt, noting that 1186 citizens arrived in the sector and were transferred to the quarantine and provide the necessary service and care to them.

He pointed out that citizens are still arriving and hundreds are expected to arrive until late at night, noting that all of them will be transferred to the stone for a period of 21 days.

For his part, Salama Maarouf, head of the government media office, said that the competent government authorities organized 201 rounds during the last 24 hours, during which 29 seizure minutes and 27 damage minutes were written.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Social Development has finished providing supplies for 1,000 quarantine rooms in the north and south of the Strip.

He stated that the Ministry of Labor in Gaza had completed the disbursement of the first batch of the labor sector at $ 100 to 3,000 beneficiaries.


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