German Foreign Minister calls for the use of a unified application of Corona in the European Union

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for the use of a unified electronic application in the European Union to track the emerging chains of infection with the Corona virus.

Mas said in statements to the German media group "Fonke" published today, Tuesday, that it is important that there is no mixture of 27 applications and 27 systems for data protection, explaining that there must be coordination between the 27 members of the Union in this matter.

Mas added: "Through this coordination, we will contribute to removing restrictions imposed on travel and border controls within the Federation quickly and permanently."

Mas stated that the use of an application to track Corona's infection chains would be an important part of the exit strategy from the crisis, explaining in return that the use would be voluntary, and he said: "The methods of the big brother of authoritarian states should not be copied."

Discussions have been going on in Germany and other European countries for weeks about the idea of ​​using such an application, which aims to inform individuals quickly if it turns out that they had contact with a person infected with the virus.

According to data from Chris Boss, one of the leading researchers in the "BBB-BT" project to develop this application, technology developed in Europe to reduce the pandemic through the use of smart phones may be available under the name "Corona Warning Application" after Easter .


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