The death of the mother of the American basketball star with the Corona virus

Jacqueline Towns, the mother of the Minnesota Timberwolves player Carl-Anthony Towns, has died of health complications as a result of an emerging Corona virus, according to the NBA participating club.

"Jackie, as she was known affectionately between family and friends, was fighting the virus more than a month ago when she died on April 13. Jackie had many things for many people - wife, mother, daughter, grandmother," Timberwolves said in a statement mourned for the late. Sister, aunt, and girlfriend. "

"She was the mother of the Towns family, she was an incredible strength. She was a fiery, enthusiastic and very loving character, who left her mark on every person she met."

Carl-Anthony Towns, 24, posted an emotional video on Instagram on March 25, in which he described his mother's battle with the "Covid-19" virus that eventually caused her to drug her and put her on a respirator.

Towns urged his fans on social media to take this pandemic seriously and follow the guidelines for social separation.

The United States has become the country most affected by the "Covid-19" virus, after the number of deaths as of Monday rose to nearly 23,500 out of more than 580,000 cases.

Covid-19 caused the basketball league to stop since March 11, after it was discovered that a French Utah jazz player, Rudi Goubert, had contracted the virus, which gradually led to the postponement or even cancellation of most sporting events around the world, most notably the Tokyo Olympics that were deported from next summer to Summer 2021, similar to the European Cup and Copa America football.


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