Melhem: 19 new cases of corona are recorded in occupied Jerusalem

 Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said today, Sunday, that 19 new injuries were reported in Silwan - Wadi Hilweh - occupied Jerusalem.

The government spokesman, Israel, held full responsibility for the lives of the people of Jerusalem, noting that the occupation measures prevent the government from monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation among citizens in the city, and that the government closely follows the conditions of our people and their needs through official institutions and bodies, especially the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs And the governorate, pointing to the difficulties that stand before them while carrying out their duty to provide services due to the obstacles imposed by the occupation authorities, the latest of which was the arrest of the Minister of Jerusalem and its governor.

According to local sources, the number of injuries in the occupied city was 36, while human rights sources indicate that the injuries in occupied Jerusalem range from 65 to 70 cases.


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