Melhem: No new cases of "Corona"

Government spokesman Ibrahim Melhem said Thursday that no new cases of Corona virus have been recorded so far.

Melhem added during the evening briefing on the developments of the "Corona" virus, that 150 samples whose test results appeared to be uninfected, and thus did not record any infections today, and the numbers are satisfactory, but we have not yet completed this epidemic.

He stressed the need for everyone to continue to abide by government decisions, and to stay at home, to fight this epidemic and defeat it.

He pointed out that keeping citizens in homes is a protection for them and society, because their homes are their safe havens from this epidemic.

He clarified that Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh briefed the ambassadors, representatives and consuls of the countries of the world in Palestine on the needs of our people to confront Corona and the Israeli violations against our people, during a meeting that took place on the fifth day, via video conference technology.

"We have devoted Bedouin gatherings from all ministries to programs and budgets to confront the epidemic of occupation and the Corona epidemic," added Melhem, adding, "Our choice is clear, health is the basis and there is no controversy in it, and the lives of our people are irreplaceable. Therefore, the President directed the Prime Minister to preserve the lives of people, friends and the European Union." They are helping us, as well as through national funds, we will overcome these conditions. "

He stressed that the precautionary measures are aimed at providing health and health care, and that we do not reach what some countries have reached, for which we wish their people health and wellness.

He stressed that our people have immunity from challenges, and passed through worse conditions, and the epidemic and its repercussions will not prevent our people, despite the limited sovereignty, from protecting their lands from the Israeli occupation, stressing that the challenges of occupation are the basis in burdening the state with greater burdens.

"We have certainty that we will prevail over the transit epidemic, as we will prevail over the resident epidemic, and we will establish the independent state with its capital Jerusalem," he said.

"We reassure students in the countries of the world and airports, we do everything we can to evacuate them, but the air traffic is paralyzed, which constitutes an obstacle in front of us, and everyone can communicate with the embassies, and the Monetary Authority works to find a solution to secure the financial transfers of students."


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