Gaza Health Authority announces the depletion of laboratory examination materials for "Corona"

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced on Wednesday evening that it had run out of laboratory testing materials for the Corona virus in the Strip .

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesman for the ministry, said during a press conference: "The central laboratory in the Gaza Strip stopped conducting the laboratory test as a result of the depletion of corona virus testing materials, and dozens of samples are still without examination . "

He added: "There are serious repercussions on the health status due to the depletion of 44 percent of essential drugs, 31 percent of medical consumables, 65 percent of laboratory supplies, and depletion of laboratory testing materials for the Corona virus . "

Al-Qidra pointed out that, during the past three days, the Ministry completed the quarantine procedures for 1018 people .

Citizens returning to the Gaza Strip are obligated to observe a mandatory 21-day period of preventive detention in schools, hotels and health centers that were prepared in advance for this purpose .

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that the total number of Corona injuries increased to 263, including 13 in the Gaza Strip; recovery was similar in that in Sector 8.

Al-Qedra called on the international and relief institutions to "provide missing essential medicines, medical consumables, laboratory supplies and corona virus test materials, 100 respirators and 140 intensive care beds . "

And "Israel" imposed a siege on Gaza's population of more than two million people, since the victory of the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" in the legislative elections in January 2006, and tightened it the following year, after the movement's control of the sector .


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