The United Kingdom allocates $ 1 million to support Palestinian efforts to combat Corona

 The United Kingdom announced today, Wednesday, two support packages to provide medical and health supplies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip worth one million US dollars, as part of efforts to tackle the outbreak of the Coronavirus around the world.

The consulate general said in a statement today, Wednesday, that these financial packages will contribute to providing the necessary medical supplies for the treatment and care of people infected with the Coronavirus, in addition to providing medical materials that increase the ability of the Palestinian health sector to conduct examinations related to Covid 19, and said: "Each of UNICEF And WHO is in the process of purchasing these materials. "

The British Consul General in Jerusalem, Philip Hall, said: "Today's announcement confirms the UK's commitment to stand by the Palestinian people at this difficult time."

He added: "This financial contribution would support the Palestinian Authority and the response plan of the United Nations to confront this crisis. It will also help these medical supplies to maintain the safety of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel while working to save lives."

The United Kingdom also announced last month that it would allocate $ 100,000 to support the World Health Organization to accelerate its initial response to the Coronavirus in the occupied Palestinian territories by early detection of infected cases and management of suspected cases of Covid-19.

It is noteworthy that the United Kingdom government has pledged $ 670 million in aid to combat the global spread of the virus through medical research, developing vaccines, treatments and tests, in addition to supporting health sectors in developing countries, and helping reduce the impact of the epidemic on the economy in many of the poorest countries .


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