Corona´s new crisis gives Trump the spotlight and turns away from his potential rival Biden

After recording a historic return to the race for the Democratic Party nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden in the shadow of the American presidential campaign coup suddenly turned upside down due to the new Corona epidemic, and his voice was not heard after necessary His home is at the height of his campaign, while Donald Trump leads the media on a daily basis, especially through his daily press conference at the White House surrounded by the Corona Response Team.

While the former Vice President (Biden) achieved in the first and second week of last March a series of victories in the primaries, especially on "Big Tuesday" on March 3, 2020, it led to the belief that the exit of his last major rival in the primaries for the Democrats, Senator Bernie Sanders, has become Inevitable, the crisis of the new Corona epidemic (Covid-19) came to unexpectedly rearrange electoral matters and keep Sanders in the race, at least not yet.

It is noteworthy that the Socialist Senator from the state of Vermont Bernie Sanders has been calling for years for a comprehensive reform of the American health system, and calls for full health care for all Americans, which pushed him amid the crisis of the new Corona to continue to continue the campaign for health care for all through conducting discussions about the epidemic. He aired on the Internet confirming that he still saw "a narrow path to victory."

Experts believe that Sanders, who is trying to make his voice heard through the media, is complicating Biden's mission, which must defeat Sanders and launch a campaign against the Republican president who seeks to win a second term on the third of November.

Trump has an important platform through his long-running daily press conferences on the newly deteriorating Corona crisis in the United States, where in the United States there were more than 9,650 deaths and more than 340 thousand cases of new Corona as of Monday morning, April 6, 2020.

Trump's popularity since he decided to be the star of these press conferences has risen to almost 50 percent.

Shares of New York City Democratic Governor Andrew Kuomo, who finds himself busy in the face of the new Corona epidemic in New York State where the epidemic kills and suffers from half the number of deaths and epidemics in the United States, also rose, thanks to his daily press briefings on the epidemic, but Como sent clear signals that no He intends to run for the presidency at this late moment, and the party’s decision will be rejected if the so-called “consensual conference” of the Democratic Party is held in the conference, which was postponed to mid-August.

By contrast, 77-year-old Biden doubles interviews via a televised studio studio in his cellar. But without succeeding in imposing himself on the channels already saturated with the news, especially after the primaries were postponed in several states, which led to the evaporation of the media coverage of the elections.

It postponed all the democratic primaries scheduled for April and May, which deprived Biden of the media spotlight and returned to the electoral battlefield and benefited from his prowess in establishing friendly relations with the voters he meets, thus receiving an electoral setback that may be difficult to recover from.

In turn, Biden says that does not worry him, explaining that the statements he broadcasts from his home, which are mostly focused on the epidemic, are seen by 20 or 30 million people, (according to the allegation of his electoral team).

The road to the White House remains largely unclear, under these unprecedented circumstances, although Trump is in the best position, given that Americans have historically circumvented their president’s hub during crises.

Both Republicans, President George W. Bush and his son George W. Bush have seen their popularity increase to 90 percent, following the First Gulf War and the events of September 11, 2001.

Trump also faces intense criticism for his handling of the crisis after broadcasting a video of his statements that reduces the risk of infection with the Corona virus at the beginning of the year in addition to widespread unemployment. These criticisms will affect the polls.


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