That´s how the Internet will be in ten years.

Washington _ Agencies

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, predicted that the internet would change completely in 2028, likely not to stay the same now, especially with regard to Web control.

"The Internet will be divided into two parts by 2028, 10 years from now, as the first Division will be led by the United States and the other part of China," Schmidt said in remarks quoted by the British Daily Mail, Sunday.

The 63-year-old billionaire said the Chinese government's control over internet access by its citizens will create a new version of the Internet that differs from the more open American version.

This situation has already begun to be shaped years ago with the so-called "great China Firewall " which prevents Chinese citizens from accessing many websites including Facebook and YouTube.

Schmidt made the remarks at a technology conference in San Francisco, the United States, where he stressed that the most likely scenario is the complexity of the China-led Internet network, which is led by America.

Schmidt expressed his deep concern over the race for artificial intelligence between Russia and China in January, saying that the initiative in the field of artificial intelligence could eventually help them conquer the world.


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