Endowments: The occupation defiled Al-Aqsa 15 times, and the call to prayer in Brahimi was banned 47 times during the past month

 The Ministry of Endowments said that the Israeli occupation has defiled Al-Aqsa Mosque during the past March 15 times, and prevented the call to prayer at the Ibrahimi Mosque 47 times.

The Endowments, in its monthly report that monitors the violations of the occupation over the sanctuaries during the month of March, and issued today, Saturday, that the occupation forces have practiced the policy of siege and dimensions against worshipers, Almoravids and endowment employees, and summoned the director of the Aqsa Mosque for investigation and the occupation police stormed the house of the President of the Endowments Council Sheikh Abd The great Salhab and delivered him a fine of 5,000 shekels, on the pretext of not preventing the worshipers from Friday prayers.

During the past month, according to the endowments, the alleged Temple gangs called on their supporters and the settler public to collectively storm the election day of the Knesset, as well as the "students for the temple" gangs, which called on their supporters for collective breakthroughs with the participation of rabbis of the Temple organizations on the eve of the elections and in what is called the "Purim" festival or masquerades and tried Some settlers perform Talmudic rituals in the eastern region, and Prime Minister Netanyahu performed a prayer inside the tunnels of the Western Wall in front of the Dome of the Rock, in order to win the elections.

The occupation revealed a plan to promote the alleged structure without demolishing the Dome of the Rock, overlooking the Dome of the Rock.

The occupation police seized sterilization pumps that were in the possession of Jerusalemites while sterilizing public facilities in Ghazali Square, and a number of Jerusalemites were taken to investigate the Qashla police station and imposed heavy fines on them.

The occupation authorities also attacked the deportees near Bab Hatta and continued the process of Judaization, the latest of which is the establishment of the so-called "Sovereignty Street" that separates the Palestinians and the settlers and paves the way to link the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim to occupied Jerusalem.

In the middle of last month, the occupation authorities closed the doors of Al-Aqsa, except for Hatta, Al-Majlis and Silsilah, and kept the Mughrabi Gate open and opened the closed doors. Later, the occupation authorities closed the doors of Al-Aqsa and prevented entry to it one hour before Friday prayers under the pretext of preventing Corona, in its attempt to control the mosque.

In the Ibrahimi Mosque, during the past month, the occupation prevented the call to prayer during the month of March 47, and the occupation installed iron on the roof of the room located next to the white staircase. The occupation forces closed the entrance to Al-Shuhada Street in the city and prevented entry and exit, on the pretext that settlers celebrated Jewish holidays. It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities closed Al-Shuhada Street in 1994 in front of the movement of Palestinian vehicles, in the wake of the massacre of the Ibrahimi Mosque, and then prevented Palestinian citizens from walking on the street at the end of 2000, under the pretext of providing protection to dozens of settlers who occupy the heart of Hebron, and the occupation forces closed the Ibrahimi Mosque and prevented The guards and obesity entered without justification, while only allowing the muezzin to enter.

In Salfit, specifically in the town of Haris, the occupation authorities swept away the land of the waqf, called Khallet al-Jami, for settlement purposes.

The Minister of Awqaf Ministry, Hossam Abu Al-Rub, said that the occupation continues its approach and its policy of desecration and violating the sanctuaries, adding that his aggression against religious symbols, guards and seashells of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the continuation of the expulsion campaign will not weaken our resolve and we will remain loyal to our sanctities.


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