A severe decline in the economy of Gaza with the continued crisis of Corona

Ali Al-Hayek, head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association in the Gaza Strip, said today, Saturday, that there is a situation of severe decline in the sectors of the economy in the sector in light of the continued spread of the Corona virus and the extension of the state of emergency.

Al Hayek added in a press statement that a number of the main activities of the sectors of the economy were subjected to decline due to the fear of the Corona crisis and the decisions that accompanied it, the most prominent of which are the sectors of tourism, hotels, trade, industry, transport and communications, which are considered important economic pillars in Gaza.

He pointed out that stopping work in those sectors contributed to raising the rates of unemployment and poverty in the sector, noting that stopping the work in them caused huge financial losses to their owners.

The President of the Businessmen Association stressed the need to provide adequate support to the Palestinian private sector and establish a financial fund to support its steadfastness.

Al-Hayek called for strengthening the partnership between the public and private sectors to address the Corona crisis and providing urgent assistance to the affected people, with the necessity of all sectors adhering to the government's decisions regarding the state of emergency to limit the spread of the virus in light of its extension.

Al Hayek stressed the full commitment to the government's decisions regarding the state of emergency, and to provide all forms of support and assistance in managing the crisis to get out of it with minimal damage.

He praised the position of solidarity and interdependence between the various official, governmental and private bodies, to protect the national whole, calling for further steps in the framework of tackling the virus.


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