Gaza: 88 Israeli attacks and 7 arrested during March

A statistic published by the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights showed that the occupation forces continued their repeated attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during the month of March.

According to the statistics, he recorded 88 incidents of shooting, bombing and assault by the occupation forces, while his forces penetrated 4 times within the borders of the sector.

The statistic indicated that two citizens were injured as a result of these attacks, while 7 were arrested, including 3 children.

It pointed out that among the total attacks, 24 of them against fishermen, one of them was injured, while the equipment and property of one boat was confiscated after being attacked by Israeli boats.

Regarding internal conditions, the statistic showed that he had recorded 3 deaths, including a woman, as a result of various events such as "quarrels - intentional killings", in addition to the death of a detainee in the security services in Gaza.


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