Italy: 760 Corona deaths bring the total to 13915

The Italian authorities announced today, Thursday evening, that 760 deaths due to the new Corona virus have been recorded, taking the total to 13,915.

The Director General of Civil Defense, Angelo Borelli, told a press conference that the number of injuries throughout Italy reached 83,49, after recording 2477.

He pointed out that the mentioned number reaches 115,242 cases when adding deaths and recoverers.

And he showed that the number of people recovering increased to 18,278 after registering one thousand and 431 cases during the past 24 hours.

As of Thursday evening, the number of people infected with Corona exceeded 986,000 people worldwide, of whom more than 50,000 died, while more than 206,000 recovered. 

The virus forced many countries to close their borders, suspend flights, disrupt the study, impose a curfew, release prisoners, as well as cancel numerous events and suspend public gatherings, including group prayers.


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