The President declares an extension of the state of emergency and urges workers to take national responsibility

President Mahmoud Abbas said that he decided to extend the state of emergency for 30 days, so that we can manage the affairs of the country at this critical stage, which calls for exceptional measures to confront the Corona virus, protect public health, and achieve security and stability.

President Abbas added, in a televised speech broadcast by Palestine TV, on Friday evening, "We seek to trap the deadly Corona virus in the narrowest possible range, and we rely on the awareness and commitment of our people to the specific instructions issued by the government."

He called on our people in occupied East Jerusalem to the need to preserve their safety in light of the difficult and complicated conditions in which they live, stressing that we will remain with them with all our strength.

The President urged the workers who return these days to their villages and towns to show national responsibility, not to mix, and strictly adhere to the examination and quarantine procedures in accordance with the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and the competent authorities.

He said: We are working hard with the relevant authorities to coordinate the return of workers and to make all necessary logistical and medical procedures for their safety.

Regarding the prisoners, the President said: We demanded the release of the prisoners from the occupation prisons, and held the occupation responsible for their safety, and he hoped that the prisoners who are released and their families, reduce or cancel the manifestations of joy, in a way that guarantees the safety of everyone and supports efforts to stop the spread of the Corona virus.

He called on our people in the refugee camps and our diaspora communities to abide by the instructions issued by the competent authorities to combat the epidemic in the countries where they live to protect them and their families.


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