Eastern Mediterranean countries praise Palestine´s actions to tackle Corona virus

Minister of Health Mai Al-Keela reviewed during a video conference conference with the WHO Eastern Mediterranean, Palestine's preparations to combat the Corona virus and limit its spread.

The Regional Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed bin Salem Al-Manzari, called for a videoconference to discuss the crisis of the "COFED-19" outbreak at the global and regional levels.

During the meeting, the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region praised the efforts made by Palestine to confront the virus, by starting work from the zero hour through strict measures to address the spread of the virus.

The representative reviewed the situation of the virus in Palestine and the number of infections, pointing to the shortage of test materials for the Corona virus, calling on friendly countries to help Palestine in this area.

During the meeting, she presented the ministry's plans to deal with Palestinian workers returning from their workplaces within the 48 lands, and the government's efforts to control the epidemic and limit its spread.

The meeting started with an opening speech delivered by WHO Regional Director Ahmed Al-Manzari, after which the Director of Health Emergencies at the Regional Office Richard Brennan reviewed the latest developments in the region, procedures, restrictions, challenges and ways to move forward to reduce the spread of the Corona virus and seek to eliminate it.

The meeting discussed various aspects of the current pandemic, and some key strategic measures have been reached that further coordinate collective efforts. The meeting also contributed to identifying areas in which Member States can facilitate WHO or country need actions in the region.

State plans, precautionary and preventive measures to protect against the Corona virus were discussed, and the importance of being prepared to deal with developments, and continuing to work hard to support the organization's directions to limit the spread of the virus, to protect members of societies in countries of the world from this epidemic and ways to prevent its spread.

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