Sydney Opera announced its transformation of Internet broadcasting due to the outbreak of corona

Sydney Opera House announced that it will convert to digital broadcast, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which will present its offer through the Internet, while also planning to provide a possible live broadcast.

The house added that it is scheduled to make full presentations, talks and clips not previously seen before, from the archive of the house, in addition to the contents behind the scenes, on its website, starting tomorrow, Wednesday.

New content will be released on demand, daily from Wednesday to Sunday, as part of its digital season. Anyone can view anywhere and on any type of device, including computers or phones.

A spokesman for Sydney Opera told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa: "We are currently exploring the possibility of live broadcasts during the digital season."

It is noteworthy that the Sydney Opera House had suspended all its activities during which the public is confronted directly, since March 17, due to the measures taken at the country level, to limit the spread of "Covid19-".


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