Death threatens the lives of hundreds of kidney patients in Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Hundreds of dialysis patients in the Gaza Strip, suffering from a number of crises, most notably the shortage of medicines, are now dying.

Abdullah Qishawi, head of the Department of the Industrial College in Al-Shifa medical complex, said the lives of 425 patients are at risk as their medicines continue to be deficient and the Ministry of Health's appeals and distress are ignored on a daily basis.

Qishawi said in a press statement that the failure of these patients to receive their own medications, negatively affects their health from high blood pressure, thus entering the patient in shortness of breath and increasing fluids in the body, warning of repeated blood transfusions of the patient especially expected to cultivate them altogether.

"The scarcity of these drugs will lead to a severe decrease in the level of calcium for dialysis patients," he said, expressing concern about the scarcity of the 54 kidney transplant patients ' medications, which will threaten their return to dialysis operations.

Qishawi pointed to the continued shortage of fuel, indicating that the frequent power outages affect the efficiency of the work of dialysis machines and the disruption of hospitals in the whirlpool of spare parts of medical devices and thus the device ceased service.

He pointed out that the one device provides dialysis service for 10 patients a day, and stop it means the introduction of a fifth period of patients starting from 12 at night and the patient bother to wait.

He stressed that the lives of 425 patients depended entirely on dialysis machines, and any interruption would bring the patient into the cycle of progressive death.


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