Al-Maliki briefs Guterres on the Palestinian situation under "Corona" and the measures of the occupation

 addressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riad Al-Maliki, two separate letters to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sultanate of Oman Yusuf bin Alawi, during which he briefed them on the picture of the situation in Palestine, in light of the outbreak of the "Corona virus" ".

Al-Maliki briefed Guterres on the measures taken by the State of Palestine since the President declared a state of emergency, valuing the role of all countries, United Nations organizations and international organizations, which have contributed to providing assistance to our people.

And he touched on the Israeli occupation authorities continuing their practices, policies and crimes against our people, citing the wall of international law and the Secretary-General's recent cease-fire initiative.

The Foreign Minister expressed the support of the State of Palestine to the initiative of the Secretary-General, stressing that an end to armed conflicts, including cases of foreign occupation, must be ended.

He pointed out that the Israeli occupation continues to cause a lot of suffering and destruction to our people, especially for women and children, persons with disabilities, and refugees, as the most vulnerable groups, especially during this period due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-Maliki explained the difficult conditions in Palestine for the same reasons, especially in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli siege and repeated attacks exhausted health capabilities and brought them to the brink of collapse, pointing to the seriousness of the inhumane conditions and medical neglect suffered by citizens, especially the prisoners who suffer from health conditions and chronic diseases that threaten their lives.

He added that the occupation authorities refuse to take the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus among prisoners, in a clear disregard for the rules of international law, especially the Geneva Convention, and Israel's responsibilities as an occupying power.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs appealed to the Secretary-General to use his endeavors to call on Israel, the occupying Power, to stop its unlawful actions and to end its systematic aggression against our defenseless people, including lifting the blockade it unlawfully imposed some 14 years ago on the Gaza Strip, and demanding that it end " The epidemic of war. "

He called on him to remind Israel of its clear obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention, to ensure the safety and rights of our people under occupation, even in times of emergency.

He stressed the necessity not to ignore the reality on the ground, and that the international community should not ignore the fact that Israel continues its illegal plans and its expansionist colonial project, which causes intentional harm to our people and its inalienable rights, and on top of it the right to self-determination, independence and return.

Al-Maliki called on the Secretary-General and the international community to support Palestine and its people in light of the spread of Corona in all fields, to pressure Israel to assume its responsibilities, and to stop all violations and crimes that will destroy the two-state solution, on the borders before the 1967 borders, and destroy the chances of achieving a just peace And durable.

In his message to Bin Alawi, Al-Maliki requested the support of the Sultanate of Oman for the emergency plan announced by President Mahmoud Abbas to confront the emerging "Corona" virus and prevent its spread, given the difficult economic and financial conditions facing the State of Palestine, due to the scarcity of resources and capabilities exhausted by the occupation and settlement.

He pointed to the allocation of the Palestinian government as an emergency budget to confront the "virus", which has affected the government's revenues significantly, as well as the international aid that reaches us in normal circumstances, which will negatively affect our national economy with significant financial losses.

Al-Maliki directed urgent and urgent assistance and assistance to support the emergency budget, "so that we can continue to confront this virus and limit its spread."


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