Amira Haas: Trump threats against "UNRWA" attempt to undermine the Palestinian regime

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

US President Donald Trump's threats to stop UNRWA's aid funds are a similar threat to other threats aimed at undermining the existing Palestinian regime and making it easier for the administration to achieve its intentions by imposing an agreement, said Amira Haas, a journalist with the Hebrew daily Haaretz. and pass the so-called deal of the century.

In her newspaper article, Haas also referred to Israel's clear imprint on the recent deteriorating United States relations with UNRWA.

Haas praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's calls last year to the United Nations to consider the continued presence of UNRWA.

The presence and continuation of UNRWA, particularly as it was supported from abroad, was a Palestinian political achievement for Israel and America.

She considered that the United Nations resolutions on the Rights of Palestine refugees and their return to their territories constituted a Palestinian political gain and stressed that thousands of people were waiting for their right to return to their land, which had been built on the ruins of the state of Israel.

He called for US efforts with Israeli support to destroy and undermine the prestige of the United Nations and dictate new rules within it by using veto rights in the Security Council against any resolutions, under the vivid threats of Trump by cutting off aid from countries that are voting in reverse to the United States.

"It is not difficult to imagine the moment when the United States will be in the United Nations not to extend the mandate of the UNRWA work, and there are countries that are afraid to vote against the will of the United States," Haas said in her article.

She referred to the actions taken by the Trump administration to minimize the damage to the financing of UNRWA and the active institutions, including the Palestinian Authority, pointing out that the Trump government wanted to break the previous arrangements that had existed since 1993 to facilitate its mission to impose the deal of the century or any arrangement that would surrender to the Palestinians .


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