Human rights organization: suspicious Israeli behavior to spread "Corona" in the West Bank

A European human rights organization condemned, today, Monday, the policies of the Israeli occupation, in the West Bank, of repeated storming and attacking civilians, "without any considerations for preventive measures, and completely ignoring the dangers of spreading infection with the emerging coronavirus; and the outbreak in Israel."
The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights (Geneva-based) said in a statement: "We are following with great concern reports of suspicious behavior of Israeli soldiers and settlers, during the incursions."
He continued, "Among these behaviors: spitting towards parked cars, automated teller machines and shop locks, which raises fears of deliberate attempts to spread the infection with the virus and provoke panic within Palestinian society."
The statement quoted the regional director of the observatory in the Middle East and North Africa, Anas Jerjawi, as saying, "The suspicious practices of the Israeli forces during the storming of Palestinian cities would strengthen the assumptions of the hostile outlook of the army and Israeli settlers against the Palestinian population."
"The Israeli incursions have a dangerous role in raising the possibility of spreading infection among the Palestinians (...) Every incursion represents a potential risk of spreading the virus in the Palestinian areas," he added.
The number of people infected with the Coronavirus in "Israel", on Monday, to 4,347 infections, including soldiers in the Israeli army, while the number of deaths reached 16 cases.
The observatory has documented some 207 incursions into occupied cities in the West Bank and Jerusalem, since the Palestinian government declared a state of emergency on March 6.
The Observatory indicated that the incursions were punished by the arrest of "about 191 Palestinians, assaulting dozens of others, and carrying out demolitions of Palestinian homes, where the majority of those operations took place without taking any preventive measures and without the soldiers wearing appropriate clothes to prevent infection with the virus."
The human rights organization also monitored 19 infiltrations by Israeli settlers, into Palestinian neighborhoods, which included attacks on residents and their property.
As of Monday, 115 persons had been infected with the Corona virus, including 9 from the Gaza Strip.

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