Netanyahu in the precautionary quarantine

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Monday, was placed in a precautionary quarantine after confirming that one person in his office was infected with the new Corona virus, in the last chapters of the formation of a new government to confront this health crisis .

On Monday, several identical sources reported that Netanyahu's advisor, Rivka Buch, was infected with the virus.

"The prime minister decided to submit to the stone with his employees until the completion of" an ongoing investigation, while sources confirmed to France Press that the investigation began after he showed that a person had been infected with HIV in his office.

The Prime Minister's Office statement said that the quarantine decision was a precaution because Netanyahu was not close to the sick person.

According to the statement, "The initial assessment of the situation indicates that there is no need for Netanyahu to place the stone because he was not in direct contact with the person and did not meet him."

He added: "The two were not in the past two weeks in the same room at the same time."

The Prime Minister's Office has not specified how long Netanyahu will spend in quarantine.

The office confirmed that the Israeli Ministry of Health and Netanyahu's doctor will determine the end date for the quarantine after obtaining the results of the HIV-related examination.

Netanyahu's office stressed that his personal contact in recent weeks was limited, and that "most of his meetings were via videoconference from his residence."

For its part, the Israeli Knesset announced that its members and employees were instructed to follow the orders of the Ministry of Health and enter a quarantine if they had previously communicated directly with Netanyahu's advisor.

In his statement, the Knesset indicated that it provided records of its surveillance cameras to the Ministry of Health for review and specification of the measures to be taken.


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