Libraries in Lithuania resort to 3D printing to produce medical equipment

 Public libraries in Lithuania use 3D printers to produce protective masks for doctors and other medical personnel who care for people with the emerging coronavirus.

"54 libraries across the country have joined the campaign this week. It is providing masking masks to nearby hospitals," project coordinator Donatas Kubilius of the Lithuanian National Library told AFP.

He added that the libraries, which closed their doors to visitors during the period of gliding, planned to print 1,500 masking mask in the first stage of the campaign.

Similar initiatives have been registered from university laboratories, engineering companies and private citizens elsewhere in Europe, especially in Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Lithuania, a Baltic country in the European Union with a population of 2.8 million, has recorded four deaths as a result of Covid-19 infection with 345 confirmed cases.


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