Japan records 196 new cases of corona and a total of 1711

Japan announced today, Saturday, that the number of new infections of the "Corona" virus has risen to one thousand and 711 cases, after registering 196 new infections and 55 deaths.

The Japanese Ministry of Health said in a statement that the number does not include about 712 cases of infection that were discovered among the passengers of the "Diamond Princess" cruise ship, which was detained in the port of "Yokohama" last February after the outbreak of the virus among its passengers.

Among the country's 47 prefectures, Tokyo topped the number of new casualties by 63, with a total of 362, according to the Ministry of Health and Local Governments.

As of Saturday afternoon, more than 620,000 people have been infected with corona around the world, more than 28,000 have died, while more than 137,000 have recovered from the disease. 

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