Gaza: No new injuries, and the extension of the quarantine period to three weeks

Ashraf Al-Qudra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, confirmed this evening, Saturday, that no new infections were recorded in the sector with the new Corona virus.

Al-Qudra said in a press conference that the ministry expanded the laboratory testing process and withdrew hundreds of samples for hosts and contacts in quarantine centers from the beginning of this March to the moment.

He pointed out that the results of the examination for Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, the commander of the security forces in Gaza, and his assistant, are negative (intact), and that they will remain in the quarantine period.

He said: All quarantine areas are isolated, and entry or exit is not permitted, and therefore all necessary measures will be taken against those who violate this.

And he explained that it was decided to extend the quarantine period from two weeks to three, in light of the opinion of experts with the spread of the virus around the world.

Regarding the press report that caused an uproar in the sector, Al-Qudra clarified that it was decided to impose a home quarantine on each of the mixers of journalists who prepared the report, noting that an investigation committee was formed to examine how they entered the quarantine.

He stressed that the competent authorities have started to take strict safety measures on all crossings, and all procedures are being implemented to ensure the safety of goods and to prevent the transmission of infection to Gaza and the vaccination of society as possible.

He pointed out that the ministry is still working with limited capabilities at all medical levels, and that there is an acute shortage of medicines, medical consumables and laboratory examination for Corona as well as artificial respirators.

"We are facing a dangerous and unpredictable turn in the event of an epidemic," he said, calling on humanitarian and relief organizations around the world to take immediate measures to allocate $ 23 million to provide respirators, intensive care devices, medicines, medical consumables, readiness supplies and a willingness to combat Corona.

He stated that the pharmaceutical inspection teams closely followed the pharmacies' commitment to prices, especially with regard to sterilizers and protective supplies, noting that they had taken their legal measures against 10 pharmacies that did not adhere to these prices and blackmail citizens.


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