NGOs reject new decision to evacuate al-Khan al-Ahmar

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The network of Palestinian NGOs has identified the occupation authorities ' handover of the villagers of al-Khan al-Ahmar, a new notice, to demolish the gathering voluntarily within a week ending on October 1 as a new challenge to the will of the international community, which called on the occupying Power to stop any steps to demolish and deport The Bedouin community, which has some 40 families and has been present for decades in that region, and in the context of the escalation of settlement and expansion at the expense of the Palestinian land and in a systematic project aimed at eradicating the Palestinian presence in the implementation of the racist policies of the occupying government.

The network was renewed in a statement earlier Sunday afternoon, following the incursion of Israeli soldiers into the sit-in tent this morning, and the handover of notice in writing to the European Union, and the countries of the world to pressure the occupying Power to stop any actions to demolish the Red Khan, describing this new step That they fall within the framework of the attack and the imposition of facts on the ground to perpetuate colonial settlement in that area within the so-called E1 project, which aims to separate Jerusalem from its perimeter, and to sever the geographical contiguity between the centre of the West Bank and the west and the north and south, and called on the network to stand firm against Israeli recklessness All international laws and covenants, and stressed the importance of requiring them to desist from their policies of passing projects without fearing international accountability for their crimes as a war crime under international law.

In its statement, the network called for the widest participation and support campaigns for the Red Khan, intensifying the daily presence to protect the villagers threatened with deportation at any moment, rejecting this unjust decision, and enhancing the steadfastness of the activists and international solidarity delegations in the permanent sit tent with the participation of all popular events and eligibility and around the clock.

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