First death recorded in Palestine with CORONA virus

The government spokesman, Ibrahim Melhem, announced this evening, Wednesday, the first death of the new Corona virus in Palestine, to a sixty woman from the town of Bedou, northwest of Jerusalem, who had announced She was injured this morning, and transferred to the "Hugo Chavez" center in Turmusaya, north of Ramallah.

Melhem said during the evening press briefing about the Corona virus: "The woman who was declared infected this morning with the virus, had felt symptoms and was taken to hospital, and it appears that the infection came from the workers, and it is believed that she has children working inside", noting that it was done Recording an injury to her 41-year-old daughter and her 46-year-old daughter-in-law after taking samples from them.

Melhem pointed out that the deceased woman was transferred to the hospital this morning, and she was suffering from a healthy relapse, and before the time had met her, she took the sample from her and found her injury, and full health measures are now being carried out for her wealth.

Melhem said: "The death of the woman is a cause for us to double the caution of the workers who have returned to us, and our workers are required to preserve their mothers, their children, their families, their homeland and their community. It is true that the living bite is difficult and bitter, but the life of our mothers, our wives and our children is more precious than everything, we ask our workers to They warn against working in Israeli workshops, and quarantine them in their homes so that they do not transmit infection. "

On the other hand, Melhem said: "The samples taken by workers in Tulkarm, Nablus and Salfit have been shown to be intact, that is, they are not infected with the virus."

In an answer to a question to reporters that some villages do not have sufficient security elements, and citizens roam and do not adhere to the procedures, Melhem said: "We do not have the security presence, we are betting on the awareness of the citizen and society so that all efforts are combined to help us prevent this epidemic. Governmental measures alone cannot Contribute to averting this epidemic. "

He continued: "Let us join hands to confront this epidemic and awareness of the dangers by facing the epidemic. When we lose a mother from our mothers, we lose dear to our hearts, and we hope that we do not lose others because of the lack of caution in this epidemic and the failure to envisage the necessary governmental measures that have been called by the government, which is not mixing and not going to Lounges and changing patterns of behavior and greeting patterns in receiving mourners or wedding parties, this difficult moment in which we bid farewell to us and suffer in this farewell, we invite all citizens and workers specifically to pay attention to their families, children and mothers so that they do not transmit infection to them.

With regard to the issue of the trapped persons traveling abroad, Melhem said: "The health measures will be high when their stone ends, which is in their interest. We are in one of the cases in Bethlehem and after 14 days the laboratory result appeared to be positive, i.e. infected."

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