240 new deaths in Corona, France

A total of 240 new deaths were recorded today in Corona, France.

France has counted 1,100 hospital deaths since the outbreak of the emerging Corona virus, and is heading towards extending isolation measures after scientists recommended President Emmanuel Macron a period of "at least six weeks".

France has recorded 1,100 deaths since the outbreak began, while 2516 patients were on Tuesday evening in the recovery department, according to Director-General of Health Jerome Salomon, stressing that "hospital deaths are only a small fraction of all deaths."

France became the most affected European country after Italy (6,820 deaths) and Spain (2,696 deaths).

Before the announcement of the outcome, the Scientific Council warned Macron of "the necessity of extending isolation measures" in France for a period longer than the two weeks originally announced.

"The isolation will likely continue for at least six weeks from the date of its application," on March 17th, stressing "the need to tighten it up."

"Isolation is currently the only truly effective strategy and is an alternative to a widespread injury detection policy, and isolation of patients cannot currently be applied at the national level," Council experts said.

And recorded 240 new deaths on Tuesday, with 434 additional injuries in resuscitation in 24 hours out of a total of ten thousand and 176 injuries, according to Salomon.


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