The end of the home quarantine of 1341 returnees to Gaza and 1367 others at the end of the week

The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed the end of the home quarantine for 1341 returnees to the Gaza Strip, no symptoms were recorded, and is following health procedures to end the quarantine of 1367 others until the end of this week, which means completing an important stage in the face of a virus Sk.

Al-Qudra said in a press conference Tuesday evening: "The Ministry of Health continued the laboratory examination of returnees to the Gaza Strip, where the central laboratory conducted 144 laboratory tests of suspected cases, the results of 142 of which were negative, and the results of two of the tests were positive for two cases coming to the Gaza Strip, and no records were recorded. New cases in the Gaza Strip. "

He added: We assure our people in the Gaza Strip that the medical teams are following the health status of the two cases inside the Isolation Hospital at the Rafah Crossing, and they are in a stable health condition, and they did not show any new symptoms.

And weeks: "The medical teams provided health care to 1420 hosts inside the quarantine centers, of which 708 were in the quarantine centers prepared for the sick cases, and 34 cases were transferred to the specialized departments in hospitals within special isolation procedures."

Al-Qudra affirmed that the series of measures taken by health to confront the new Corona virus coincides with its severe shortage in 39% of the basic medicines, 23% of medical consumables and 60% of laboratory supplies and blood banks, in addition to the scarcity of laboratory testing materials for the Corona virus due to the Israeli blockade.

And the Israeli occupation held full responsibility for the lives of 2 million citizens in the Gaza Strip and its systematic undermining of the health and humanitarian services system, which puts us at a dangerous juncture in the face of the new Corona epidemic.

Al-Qudrah called on the United Nations to assume its responsibility to protect the health and human rights of the Palestinian people, and to take urgent measures to provide respirators, intensive care, drugs, medical consumables, laboratory supplies, Covid test materials 19, preventive supplies, and all components of the response to the emerging Corona epidemic.

He renewed his demand for all citizens to follow the precautionary procedures of the Ministry of Health, adhere to safety instructions and guidelines for personal and community prevention, and take safety and prevention measures in homes, shops, restaurants and markets, and called on the elderly, children, patients with respiratory system, people with weak immunity and chronic diseases to "avoid gatherings and public places and communicate on the toll-free number 103" To the Ministry of Health or its platform via WhatsApp on No. 0599503103 for health inquiries or reporting any violations or price manipulation from pharmaceutical and medical institutions around the clock, with our best wishes to you Health and wellness".

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