The occupation soldiers continue to arrest the Palestinians with muzzles

The spread of the Corona virus has not prevented Israeli soldiers from carrying out daily arrest campaigns against Palestinians, despite preventive measures and measures and imposing curfews on Palestinian cities, towns and villages.

In Sneiria village, south of Qalqilya, the family of the editor, Alaa Sadiq, was on a date with the occupation soldiers, and he brutally stormed the house to arrest her son, the editor, Alaa Sadiq, who spent 10 years in prison.

The journalist Mervat Sadiq, sister of the detainee Alaa Sadiq, said: “We are under curfew due to the spread of the Corona epidemic. The occupation forces stormed our house and arrested my brother Alaa Sadiq Omar (38 years) from the town of Siniriya Qalqilya district. Alaa spent about ten consecutive years in the prisons of the occupation previously, and he The father of a 4-year-old child and his wife are pregnant, and at the beginning of the raid, the soldiers asked him: Do you have corona at home? He answered them in the negative, so they asked him to prepare himself for the arrest, the force consisting of (15-20) soldiers and recruits, some of whom were wearing masks, and stormed the house with their military shoes. Alaa and another young man from our village, the teacher Mamdouh Berri, my time D to an unknown destination and safe health conditions. "

The editor, Ammar Zaid, says: “The scene of the soldiers when they are arresting, they put masks on their faces for fear of contagion from the skies that raises both irony and anger. They wear fear of contagion and insist on arresting in light of these conditions that prevail in the world. This is a kind of madness. Most of the detainees are transferred. For administrative detention without charge, and there is no reason (dangerous security according to their claim) for detention other than taming the Palestinians, the occupation’s agenda is to deal with the Palestinians in a racist and inferior manner, and this requires that arrest at this time be considered a double crime in light of an epidemic that pervades the region, and the soldiers and intelligence officers are the source of infection , Not a penny The clay seated at home adheres to the precautionary measures. "

The editor, Mohamed Sameh, from Qalqilya, who spent 11 years in captivity, believes that arresting citizens from their homes in this difficult circumstance is a message to the Palestinians that the occupation exists in their lives in all circumstances, even if the situation is critical and a global epidemic, so arresting in this circumstance has risks A large number of them subject the detainee to an injury by soldiers or investigators, or through a transport medium from the detention center to the prison or through prison doctors, whereby the detainee is presented at the beginning of the arrest to a doctor who examines him, and here the danger is, the matter is complicated and has many repercussions, so the soldier wears a muzzle With a gun and a detainee be prey among the soldier's gun Kamamth military patrol crowded with soldiers and detained them during the arrest and transferred to the detention center. "

Activist Amina Al-Tawil and the wife of the prisoner Ali Shawahneh, who was arrested a few days ago, says: "The arrests that take place in the shadow of the Corona epidemic, my intelligence revenge against the detainees and their families. .

She added: "The concerns of the captive family are multiplied in these arrests. Everyone is preoccupied with the preventive measures, and the occupation comes to say that all of your actions do not mean anything to me. From the first moment of the arrest in this situation, the psychological and emotional setback and nightmares that raid the captive family come."


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