The government: No new infections in Corona

Deputy Head of the Media Committee for the Emergency in Palestine and spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Ghassan Nemer confirmed Monday morning, that all the tests that were taken yesterday evening and this morning, were negative, and there are no new injuries.

Nimer explained in the morning press briefing, that the conditions of the injuries remain the same with 59 parallels, 17 of which are recovering, and we have 42 cases in quarantine, and that more than 4 thousand examinations of the Corona virus have been carried out since the beginning of the virus in Palestine, all of them were intact except for the injuries The 59.

In a question from reporters about what is rumored on social media about the return of the Corona virus to one of those recovering from it in Bethlehem, Nimr indicated that nothing has been received and if there is anything new, the government spokesman's office will announce it.

On questions about the nature of the procedures and any inquiries related to them, Nimr said: "Today's government session carries a lot of answers to the interpretation of the questions of government procedures."

On the other hand, Nimer said: "The reality is that the security services carried out their duties in full, facilitated the movement and adhered to the permits permitted for the cases that the government talked about yesterday. As for areas (C) and areas that do not come under Palestinian security control and remote areas, there is social responsibility before The local community has to deal with the situation within a social responsibility. "

Moreover, Nimer said: "Groceries and bakeries operate around the clock, but it does not mean that we leave our needs until evening hours."

In response to a question about penalties for those who violate government procedures, Nimr said: "We do not like to go toward sanctions, as the popular commitment is a great illumination, and the Palestinian people must be committed to a higher national interest so that there are no problems spreading the disease."

As for the movement's procedures and their tightening, Nimr said: "There is no information if there will be a comprehensive closure or not, and the development of the situation is what imposes the evolution of the procedures, and government procedures have evolved according to the situation."

He continued, "Our latest data was the result of mixing with injured people who were obligated to adhere to but did not adhere to. It is known that the result is healthy, perhaps during the 14 days showing symptoms of infection, so everyone must adhere to the home stone."

Nimr said: "It was clear that the people of the villages were not going to the city center to reduce as much as possible that there was no movement except for the very necessary issues."

He pointed out that most of the cases that raised our numbers were submitted from abroad, and must be controlled with the necessity of controlling the issue of workers, and local committees must control this situation and inform the security services in it to ensure that the virus does not spread.

Regarding people's complaints about price hikes, Nimr said: "The customs control is working with the Ministry of Economy to control this situation, and citizens should initiate a complaint through the toll-free number 132 and the customs control will be in place," adding: More than one trader has been violated in this regard yesterday. Anyone who takes advantage of this stage will expose himself to legal and criminal accountability. "

On the other hand, Nimer stressed in a question about limiting mobility, that the procedures were taken by dividing the regions according to the governorates ’divisions, so every governor heads the emergency committee in his governorates, and“ according to what the Prime Minister said yesterday, groceries and bakeries are open to people that take their needs from them, and they are divided The areas are into security boxes and mobility is within needs.


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