Google introduces the "Joe camera" application for cheap smartphones

 American technology and internet services company Google revealed that the number of phones that use the Android mobile operating system has reached more than 100 million devices.

The simplified Android Go operating system targets affordable and low-end smartphones. The company mentioned the development of a simplified image processing application called "Go Camera" to be used with these low-price devices.

The website "" specializes in technology issues that the "Go Camera" application is an attempt by Google to reduce the burden of image processing for imaging applications that consume a large amount of the device's memory.

Google said in an Internet message that the "Go Camera" app targets "people who use smartphones for the first time, so its interface is clear and simple ... More importantly, the Go Camera application tracks the remaining space of the memory for storing photos and videos, and then after that it helps in determining Free space so that the user cannot take a picture and not store it "because there is no space to store while shooting.

Although Google did not reveal many details about the Go Camera application, it stated that it will be available initially with the Nokia 3.1 phone, provided that it will soon be available to more smartphones that run the Android Go operating system.


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