Idris Alba´s wife announces that she is infected with Corona virus

Sabrina Alba, wife of the famous actor Idris Alba, announced her infection with Corona virus, after her husband announced earlier that he was infected with the virus.

Sabrina was criticized for appearing next to her husband while he was declared infected with the virus, which could expose her to the disease.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" quoted Sprina as saying his defender of her decision to stay beside her husband, "I wanted to be by his side, I felt" the instinct of the wife "that she should take care of him."

"I have found that I am infected with the Coronavirus," Sprina said in an interview with renowned journalist Oprah Winfrey via a program that Oprah launched on the Internet on Saturday.

"I have not had any major symptoms and I feel so good," said Idris, 47.

"It is worrisome that there could be people who are HIV-positive and look fine, and they can transmit the disease easily," he added.

"I don't feel any symptoms yet," said Sprina.

The couple explained that they spent quarantine time playing electronic games and chess.


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