Over a billion people are indoors in India due to Corona

More than one billion people stayed in their homes in India today, Sunday, during the one-day nationwide curfew imposed to control the spread of the new Corona virus, even after positive cases exceeded 300 Person.

On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a "curfew" or self-quarantine from 7 am (0130 GMT) to 9 pm (1530 GMT) to break the cycle of infection and also assess India's ability to fight the epidemic.

"We must all participate in this curfew, which will add tremendous power to the fight against the danger of Covid19-", Moody tweeted on his Twitter page, adding that "the steps we are taking now will help us in the coming times. Stay at home and keep For your health. "

Also Sunday, the ban on suspending all international flights, which the government has ordered for a week, entered into force.

The Indian Railways, which carries more than 20 million passengers daily, has announced the cancellation of all services, except for suburban trains and goods, until March 31.

There are fears of high incidence of infection significantly across the country, which is the second largest country in terms of population density, with a population of 1.3 billion people.

The number of injuries has increased significantly in the past few days, reaching 341, and on Saturday, the largest increase in one day, as the number reached 79, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

Five people have died so far.


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