American series producers donate their medical equipment to fight Corona

 Producers of TV series such as "Grey's Anatomy" donate masks and medical gloves that they used to photograph to caregivers who urgently need this protective equipment to reduce the need for the Corona virus.

The executive producer of the series, Christa Vernov, said that "Grey's Anatomy," launched by "ABC" 15 years ago, "has a stock of clothes and gloves that we provide" for medical workers.

The series "Station 19", which emanates from "Grey's Anatomy", also presented about 300 protective masks for firefighters in the Canadian state of Ontario, after its supervisors learned that these paramedics were suffering from a shortage.

Another ABC series, "Good Doctor", which was filmed in Vancouver, has donated hundreds of masks and dresses to the city.

Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta was surprised after receiving protective gear from "Fox's" series "The Resident", while it was suffering from a significant shortage in its stock.


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