Corona imposes a complete curfew on Israel

Gilad Ardan, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, instructed the Israeli police and security services to prepare to impose a complete curfew on all areas inside Israel.

According to Hebrew Channel 12, this came during a consultation he had with all the heads of the Internal Security Forces by phone, last night.

And Ardan suggested that such a decision would be taken in the coming days, with the aim of limiting the spread of the Corona virus and saving the lives of more Israelis. Considering that this decision is unavoidable and will be taken later, and that although it is a very difficult decision, it is preferred as a short-term measure to overcome the Corona virus in the shortest time to prevent deaths.

He demanded that all security leaders submit an urgent and detailed plan to him urgently to implement any decision issued in this regard, according to which only major workers are expected to leave their homes, and the rest of the Israelis will be allowed to leave only to receive medical care.

In such a case, the Israeli police will be responsible for enforcing the ban, while the Home Front Command will provide the basic needs of the Israelis.

This coincides with the invitation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning, Wednesday, through his accounts on social networks, for the Israelis to stay in their homes and not leave them.

For its part, Hebrew Channel 13 reported that it might be possible to close the Knesset building in the coming days in light of the outbreak of the virus.

This comes after four members of the Knesset, including two ministers, were quarantined due to their contact with people who were found to be infected with the virus.


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