The settlers are breaking into the old city of Hebron.

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Scores of settlers stormed the old city of Hebron on Saturday under the protection of the Israeli occupation army.

According to local sources, dozens of settlers stormed the markets of the old City, from the milk market to the gate of the souk to the door of the old municipality, in the area of al-Askar, which impeded the passage of citizens and spread terror among the children of the residents and merchants.

The town's pioneers and residents suffer as a result of the occupation's permanent military checkpoints at the entrances to the town, to inspect them and check their identities.

The occupying forces also arrested a staff member working at Tekke Ibrahim al-Khalil in the old city centre and searched a house in the town of Tarqumiya, west of the province.

The deputy director of the Hebron endowment, Jamal Abu Aram, reported that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the employee of the Waqf of Hebron, who works at Tekke Seyda Ibrahim, Cheb Islam Rateb Zahda (28) while he was on the "Door 7 " leading to the mosque near Tekke in the Old City.

The sources also reported that the Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Tarqumiya west of Hebron and searched the house of Mohammed Ali Fetaftah and tampered with its contents.


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