The occupation begins with the construction of 310 settlement units in Jerusalem

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation authorities began constructing 310 new settlement units in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

For the first time since the occupation of Jerusalem, the so-called "Planning and Construction committee in Jerusalem " will discuss settlement planners in the eastern neighbourhoods of occupied Jerusalem, one of them targeting an alley in al-Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the graphic news agency quoted Hebrew media sources as reporting on Friday. 1967.

The occupation authorities claim that the construction will take place on two plots belonging to settlers abroad, noting the existence of houses in which Palestinians reside on the targeted land, pointing out that the houses will be evacuated at the request of the "Bees Shimon" settlement Association.

Most of the houses threatened with confiscation in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood are Waqf properties, confiscated by the occupation, in favor of the so-called "absentee property Keeper" and then transferred to the so-called "public values" which he acted upon and transferred to Jewish families.

The planners include the construction of 15 settlement units in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, central Jerusalem, 75 settlement units in Beit Hanina in the north of the occupied city, and 220 in the "Nouf Zion" settlement south of the city.


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