12 citizens arrested, including freed prisoners

The Israeli occupation forces arrested 12 citizens from different parts of the West Bank at dawn Tuesday, including several freed prisoners.

According to local sources, the occupying forces raided the house of the freed prisoner Ali Shawahneh in the town of Kafr Ta'r, east of Qalqilya, tampered with the contents of his house, and arrested him after spending more than 13 years in captivity.

In Nablus, israeli occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner and researcher Abdul Salam Awad from the town of Orta, southeast of Nablus, and the freed prisoner Samer Hamdi Nayef Mufleh from the village of Osrin, Nablus district.

The forces also raided the town of Beita, south of Nablus, and arrested eight citizens, Namely, Manor Abdul Rahman Bani Shamsa, Raed Eid al-Rahim Barham Daoud, Ibrahim Mahmoud Issa Daoud, Hussein Mahmoud Issa Daoud, Hussein Arsan Daoud, Jihad Fayez Hamayel, Hamdan Fayez Hamayel and Saif Daifiel Hamiel.

In the jerusalem district of Al-Ezeriya, forces arrested Hamouda Jabarin.

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