Israeli army chief of staff warns of "security explosion" in the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Israeli occupation army chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, the Israeli Cabinet of Ministers for Security and Political Affairs (cabinet), warned on Thursday of the "escalating risk of violence in the occupied West Bank" as a result of US actions and decisions on the issue Palestinian, according to the Israeli "news Company" (formerly Channel 2).

In his presentation of the Israeli occupation Army's assessment of the situation in the occupied West Bank, during the "capinet " debate, Eisenkot said, "the probability of an explosion of the situation in the West Bank ranges from 60% to 80%."

"If violence breaks out, it will be more severe than in Gaza, given the need to deploy large forces in the West Bank, and with the different nature of friction with Palestinian citizens," Eisencott said.

The Israeli army's estimates were expressed by Eisenkot, "under the current problematic circumstances, especially the clash between US president Donald Trump and the Palestinian leadership, and the diplomatic, financial and political measures recently taken by the US administration."

The source referred to the "problematic circumstances that led Eisenkot to this assessment", in particular the confrontation between the Palestinian president and the Trump administration, including the diplomatic measures taken by the White House against the Palestinian Authority, as well as its fragile relations with the Arab countries "The pressure to reach reconciliation with Hamas, in the light of his deteriorating health and feeling that he is providing assistance to Israeli security agencies through coordination, and Israel considers this not enough."



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