Ronaldinho arrested again in Paraguay for using a false passport

 Paraguay's authorities have arrested Ronaldinho, a former Brazilian soccer star, for using a false passport.

On Friday, the Paraguayan public prosecution filed a lawsuit against the player who won with his country the 2002 World Cup and his brother for using false documents, and the prosecution demanded that the two be kept in pretrial detention.

The public prosecutor announced earlier that it had waived prosecution of Ronaldinho because the former international made sweeping confessions that helped the investigations.

The authorities in Paraguay arrested Ronaldinho for a short period last Wednesday due to his use of forged documents, and the results of preliminary investigations showed that he was using a true passport of the Paraguay country with some data changed.

In the investigations, Ronaldinho reported that a businessman handed over these two passports to his brother upon arrival.

The public prosecutor announced that he had filed lawsuits against three people involved in the incident, as well as conducting investigations with several officials and other individuals, and an arrest warrant was issued against an employee of the Immigration Service.

Investigators believe that the suspects are a gang specialized in forging identity documents.


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