The famous American jazz musician McCoy Tiner dies

The famous American jazz musician McCoy Tainer died at the age of 81, according to his family's announcement Friday.

Tenner, who is considered one of the most prominent pianist jazz musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Bill Evens and Chic Korea, has shaped the piano path in modern jazz.

"McCoy was an inspiring musician who devoted his life to his art, family and spirituality. McCoy Tainer's music will continue to inspire his fans and future talents for several generations," his family wrote in an Instagram post without specifying the cause of death.

Alfred McCoy Tiner was born in Philadelphia in 1938 and started taking piano lessons at the age of thirteen. His career began with "Jazzet", led by Benny Goulson and Art Farmer.

In 1960, the composer and genius player joined the Quartet of the saxophone player John Coulterin and participated in the production of the band's most prominent albums, including "I Love Supreme" and "My Favorite Things".

McCoy was the last living member of the Quartet that included in addition to Culltern Jim Garrison and Eleven Jones.

Tiner has also had success in his solo work and has taught in his later years.

Asked during an interview with NPR Radio in 2008 about his long life secret, Tiner said: "I love carrot juice, it is very beneficial to you. Carrot and celery, do not forget celery."


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