Netanyahu and Gantz cling to the formation of the Israeli government and attack each other

Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, and Benny Gantz, leader of the Blue and White party, expressed Saturday evening, each of them stuck to form the next government.

Netanyahu said in a press conference for him from Petah Tikva: There are people who are trying to steal the elections through anti-democratic legislation, referring to the attempt by the Gantz Party and the left parties to present a draft law that prevents Netanyahu from forming the next government under the indictment against him.

Netanyahu stressed that he would uphold his right to form a government and that he would not go to a place, by referring to calls for him to resign and return to his home.

Netanyahu pointed out that he refused to agree to an offer on the eve of the elections that would allow settlers to storm Al-Aqsa and perform the prayers on Saturdays, in exchange for more votes and that the Jewish Force of the settlers announce his candidacy.

He considered that he had achieved a great victory, and that he would not allow any party to undermine the rule of the right.

On Corona, Netanyahu called on Israelis to adhere to Israeli health regulations, noting that the virus is spreading and has become a global pandemic.

For his part, Gantz said at another conference: The Israeli public has confirmed in the last three rounds of elections that Netanyahu's era has ended, stressing that he will not allow a fourth election, which is the consensus of the majority of Knesset members.

He indicated that he would receive the highest percentage of those recommended to form a government from among the Knesset members, and would work to form the next government.

He added: "I will form a stable government that will treat Israel from hatred and dissent and allow the state and everyone to move forward."


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