Confrontations during confronting bulldozing operations in Kasra

 Two citizens were wounded and bruised today after the Israeli occupation forces violently beat them, during the attempt of citizens to confront the bulldozing operations taking place in the Jabal Al-Najma area between the cities of Qasra and Aqraba, south of Nablus.

According to local sources, five bulldozers belonging to the settlers, yesterday morning resumed bulldozing operations at Jabal Al-Najma, with the protection of the occupation forces, which began last Sunday.

Dozens of citizens collapsed to confront the bulldozing operations, and confrontations took place between them and the occupation forces, who used force to prevent them from reaching the bulldozing site.

The sources confirmed that the occupation soldiers fired tear gas, and severely beat Thaer Adel Hassan and Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdullah Odeh, and they were transferred to the hospital for treatment.


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