Bennett: We will harm anyone who tries to harm us and challenge us on the northern front and Gaza

Naftali Bennett, Minister of the Occupation Army, threatened, today, Tuesday, to attack anyone who is trying to harm the Israelis.

Bennett said during a special conference to commemorate the Israeli soldiers who were buried in unknown areas, that there are people who explain Israel's democracy as its weak point and try to challenge it on the northern front and Gaza. In reference to him, the firing of rockets and attempts to carry out an operation during the election period on both fronts.

"We say to everyone who tries to harm us: We will continue to protect our citizens and we will harm everyone who plans or tries to support us ... the strength of our army is not measured not only by the strength of our air force but by the strength of faith in the hearts of our soldiers." According to his description.

He stressed his commitment to make efforts to bring the bodies of his soldiers in Gaza for burial in Jerusalem. Stressing that Israel is working firmly in the face of a "cruel enemy". With reference to enthusiasm.

He continued, "We work through various tools and we will continue to pressure the enemy at any cost to recover the bodies of our soldiers."


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