A cat left her home and returned with the strangest bag of drugs

London _ Agencies

A British cat has recently gained widespread fame and admiration, having helped uncover a large amount of drugs, holding a bag of contraband and taking it to the home of the person who is raising it.

According to the newspaper "independent ", the cat left the house of its owners in the Bristol area, before returning with the mouth of the bag of drugs, and the identity was not disclosed or the identity of the owner for security reasons.

The photograph showed a bag of about thirty wrapped in plastic in what was supposed to be a "a " drug.

The local police wrote in a tweet  "joke " on Twitter  "Let you dogs, we have to help cats" in reference to helping the pet to detect drugs and deliver them to the police.

The person raising the cat was surprised when he found the bag of drugs during the night and immediately started to contact the drugs and no one has been arrested so far after the bag was uncovered.

The police are currently investigating to identify the potential owner of the bag who lost his banned goods because of a cat.


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